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Full text of "Grenfell Fire Response News, Issue 6, June 29, 2017"

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29 June 2017 
Issue No: 6 

Grenfell Fire 
Response News 

Message from John Barradell 
and Eleanor Kelly, Grenfell Fire 
Response Team 

“We are continuing to do everything we can to ensure that 
victims of the terrible fire receive the support that they need, 
while not underestimating the complexity of the task and the 
work that lies ahead. 

“Our focus now is on securing longer-term housing in the 
local area by working round the clock to identify suitable 
high quality accommodation. We are confident that every 
family will have received a housing offer within the three week 
deadline set by the Prime Minister, although we will give 
people the space they need to make decisions that are right 
for them and their family. ’’ 

Prime Minister addresses Grenfell Tower fire 
in PMQs today 

The Grenfell Tower fire was raised in today’s Prime Minister’s 
Question Time for the first since the general election. 

Theresa May said that 282 good quality temporary properties 
have been identified for victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster, 
132 families have had their needs assessed, and 65 offers of 
temporary accommodation have been made. 

She also said the Government has provided nearly El .25 
million in discretionary payments and will be giving an extra 
El million to a local group of charities, trusts and foundations 
“which have been doing such important work.” 

The PM said she expects to name a judge for the public 
inquiry into the disaster "soon”. He or she will be a neutral 
figure who will be charged with looking into a range of 
issues around the fire and is expected to make a number of 
recommendations afterwards. 


PM addresses Grenfell Tower 1 

News update 2-3 

- Shop for Grenfell 

- Transport update 

- Cricket fundraising match 

- Visa and passport update 

- Temp, homes for pets 

Westway Centre update 4 
Frequently asked questions 4 

What is this 
newsletter for? 

This is the sixth edition of 
the Grenfell Fire Response 
Team newsletter. We 
want to keep you up to 
date with all the latest 
information and services 
available to help. For up 
to the minute info, please 
follow us on Twitter 
@grenfellsupport and on 
Facebook at facebook. 
or visit 

Grenfell Fire Response News 

29 June 2017 



Freephone helpline 

0808 808 1677 

24 hours a day. 

Replacement UK 
passports, visas 
or immigration 

0300 222 0000 

(outside the UK 

+ 44 ( 0)300 222 0000 ) 

24 hour advice line. 

Air quality and 
smoke exposure 

People who have 
concerns about any 
symptoms should seek 
medical advice 
or call NHS 111. 

NHS Mental health 

0800 0234 650 

24 hours a day. 


Free emotional and 
practical support 
for anyone affected. 

0808 1689 111 

24 hours a day. 

Shop for Grenfell 

British Red Cross and community volunteers are now 
working hard to sort and distribute excess clothes, so they 
can be sold to raise money for those affected by the fire. 
Donated items will be labelled ‘Shop for Grenfell’ and every 
penny raised from sales will go to the London Fire Relief 
Fund, to help those left injured, bereaved or homeless. 

If you have questions about financial support, please speak 
to your key worker or call the British Red Cross support line 

on 0800 458 9472 . 

Transport update 

Since 26 June, TFL has been operating a free shuttle 
bus service between the Community Assistance Centre, 
at the Westway Sports Centre and the hotels where 
large numbers of families have been temporarily housed. 
Timetables for the bus routes are available at hotels. 
Services are now running normally between Wood Lane 
and Edgware Road as the part-suspension of the Circle 
and Flammersmith and City lines has now been lifted. 

Taken as a safety measure following the Grenfell Tower 
incident, the part-suspension was lifted by Transport 
for London on Sunday, in consultation with London 
Fire Brigade and the Office of Rail and Road, after tests 
concluded trains nearby do not disturb the building or 
present a risk to the public. 

Commuters can expect a full return to services on 
these lines. 

Cricket legends rally together in support 
of Grenfell victims 

A charity cricket match to raise funds for the victims of the 
Grenfell Tower fire was held last night in west London. 

The Lashings All-Stars brought together a number of legends 
from the cricketing world including Saqlain Mushtaq, Monty 
Panesar, and Gordon Greenidge, which raised £5,000 for the 
victims of the Grenfell Tower fire and the emergency services. 

All of the proceeds from the match, organised in conjunction 
with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), will be 
going to the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund to 
support those affected by the tragedy at Grenfell. 

If you’d like to donate, visit 

Grenfell Fire Response News 

29 June 2017 

Government urges everyone to come 
forward for help 

The Home Office has said that it will not take immigration 
action against undocumented migrants affected by the 
Grenfell Tower fire. 

All victims of the tragedy are being encouraged to access the 
services they need, including accommodation and healthcare. 

The Police and Fire Brigade is also asking for as much 
information as possible on the people in Grenfell Tower on the 
evening of 14 June, to help them identify victims. 

Visa and passport support 

Have you lost a passport or visa documents? Are you worried 
about your immigration status and need support? 

The UK Visa and Immigration and Her Majesty’s Passport 
Office teams are here to help and support you. You can talk 
to us at the Westway Sports and Fitness Centre, Crowthorne 
Road, W10 6RP from 9am to 9pm. Translators are available if 
needed. Likewise, if you want someone to talk for you, please 
bring them along and we will talk to them. 

We will do everything we can to help you. We are not using 
this tragic incident to carry out immigration checks on those 
involved or those providing vital information about victims. 

We will also make sure that all victims, irrespective of their 
immigration status, are able to access the support and services 
they need, including accommodation and healthcare. This 
includes replacing lost passports and visas as quickly 
as possible. 

You can also call our advice line 24 hours a day on 

0300 222 0000 to arrange for a call back by our specialist visa 

and passport teams. 

For more information, please visit 

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home offering 
temporary homes for pets 

If you have a pet that has been affected by the Grenfell fire, or 
if you have been evacuated from your home as a result of the 
fire, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home can provide a temporary 
home for your animals until you’re able to take them back. 

Any residents with pets who need help from Battersea can call 
the charity on 020 7627 9217 . 

r — — — — — — — — — — — — — 

! What help is 
i on offer? 

' If you come to the 
, Assistance Centre at 

i Westway Sports 
1 Centre, Crowthorne 
| Road, W10 6RP you will 
, be able to access services 
i and support provided by 
1 the team from 9am to 11 pm. 

) A Red Cross helpline 
i is in action to help give 
1 practical or emotional 
' support to anyone who 
i needs it. 

, The number is 

: 0800 458 9472 . 

1 This is available 24 hours 
| a day but we are looking 
i at reviewing these hours 
i based on need. If you have 
1 any feedback 
! please email support 

1 Any family and friends 
‘ concerned about 
i their loved ones are 
i asked to contact the 
1 Metropolitan Police on 
| 0800 032 4539 

1 If you have been 
1 affected and have any 
i other questions about 
i the support available, 

1 please email support@ 

i Please do not send any 
1 personal data like bank 
| details or your address 
, to this email account - 
i rest assured when we 
1 contact you, we'll get 
1 any additional information 
, we need. 

Grenfell Fire Response News 

29 June 2017 


Assistance Centre 

The Westway Sports 
Centre remains the 
place to go for anyone 
affected by the Grenfell 
Tower fire. The Centre 
is open between 9am 
to 11 pm and over 100 
people are here providing 
help services including 
immediate and long term 
NHS emotional support, 
financial support, benefits 
advice and travel support. 
Residents are also able 
to pick up newly printed 
documents, get a new 
passport photo, collect 
their post and access 
donated food and clothes. 
Liz Bruce, Rest Centre 
Manager, said: 'We 
want to welcome people 
affected by the Grenfell 
Tower fire, we are ready 
to help regardless of their 
personal circumstances. 

If you know anybody who 
needs help but is yet to 
come here, please call 
the Red Cross helpline on 
0800 4589472 ." 

You can find all services 
at the Westway Sports 
Centre, 1 Crowthorne 
Road, W10 6RP. 

Frequently asked 

Will the benefits of 
people who get £5,500 
from the fund be 

No. The benefit payments 
of people who receive this 
fund will not be affected. 

Are people in emergency 
housing being put in 
tower blocks? 

No. People are being 
temporarily housed in hotel 
accommodation in or close 
to the Royal Borough of 
Kensington & Chelsea. 

Are people been forced 
out of the borough, or 
being made intentionally 

No one is being forced to 
move out of London, or 
being threatened with being 
made homeless. We’re 
working to find the right 
accommodation for those 
affected residents, either in 
Kensington and Chelsea or 
neighbouring boroughs. 


Are people affected by the 
fire being asked for ID at 
the assessment centre? 

People affected by the fire 
were issued letters informing 
them of the process to 
access funding and we have 
asked them to show this 
letter as some people may 
have had their IDs destroyed 
in the fire. This is to ensure 
those who need support get 
it. They should not be asked 
for their ID 

What will happen 
to anyone who isn’t 
documented but lived in 
the tower? 

Support will be provided 
to all those residents 
whose homes have been 
destroyed in the fire. We will 
not use this tragic incident 
as a reason to carry out 
immigration checks on 
those involved and those 
providing vital information to 
identify victims. 

We will also make sure that 
all victims, irrespective of 
their immigration status, 
will be able to access 
the services they need, 
including accommodation 
and healthcare.